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Not only Schools and Colleges play prominent role in students growth, but with each and every ones contribution starting from parents who are concerned about their Childrens progress, to teachers focusing on impactful teaching, Administrators handling multifaceted tasks and owners leading Educational institutions towards success, there are many complexities involved in the above process, Acknowledging these complexities Yoskool modules have been designed to cater to the unique needs of each role. Modules being the main pillars of ERP management software, we designed them carefully by paying attention to every detail.

A look in to Possibilities:

Simplicity is one of our core foundations, we understand that effective tools must be easily navigable and user-friendly, our modules have been structured in ways that are very easy to use and operate, and with our very simple user-interface everyone can swiftly access required tools. Every module has a wealth of features that are designed with an intention of making user interaction smoother and more effective. These functionalities are like valuable resources that contribute to a better overall experience for users.

Parent/Student Module: Bridging gap, fostering engagement

Designed to close the communication gap that might exists between Parents/Students and Educational Institutions. This module helps parents to access attendance, stay updated on assignments that are provided by institutions. This helps parents to keep a close watch on their child's progress. Real-Time updates actively engage parents by keeping them updated with relevant information. Facilitating a proactive approach to their child's educational journey.

Teacher Module: Empowerment at the Core

Teachers play an important role in every student’s life. Yoskool teachers’ module helps teachers to simplify their day-to-day activities allowing them to concentrate more on teaching. From attendance management to assignment tracking this module helps teachers to minimize the administrative task, helps them to spend more time with students.

Admin Module: Streamlining Operations for Efficiency

Administrators are responsible for performing various institutional tasks, administrators need to find the right balance between making strategic decisions and handling day-to-day tasks. Admin module will help administrators to perform important operations like Admissions, managing time tables and coordinating exams. Automation avoids all unnecessary paperwork achieving more productivity with minimized effort and helps administrators to concentrate on institutional larger goals.

Owner Module: Informed Decisions, Informed Future

Owners of institutions have a very important role in determining the path that their institutions take, whether one branch or multiple branches, this feature helps owners in giving the institution performance as well as its financial status. With the help of the gathered data owners can take timely and appropriate decisions which help in growth of their institutions. This module acts as a guiding tool helping owners to successfully navigate towards the future of success and prosperity.

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