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Discover the transformative impact of integrating biometrics, zoom, SMS gateway and payment gateway in our Yoskool ERP

Biometric integration: Best Security and Attendance Tracking

Biometric Integration takes your educational institutions' security to the next level, with features like fingerprint or facial recognition. Our ERP system makes sure that only approved candidates can get to access delicate information. Additionally this biometrics also simplify attendance tracking, shortens the manual effort and provides real time student and staff attendance data. This integration ensures everything is secured and efficacious for everyone.

Zoom Integration: Restructure Virtual Learning

Unlock the gates to virtual classrooms with Zoom integration within our ERP. We all remember the unexpected onset of COVID-19 pandemic, frequent lockdowns forced all educational institutions to adapt for remote learning. The integration of Zoom is proven to be a lifeline, despite any situation now educators can schedule and conduct virtual classes without any interruptions, enabling the students to learn from any location. From faculty and staff, parents-teachers conference to administrative discussions now became more accessible. The zoom Integration in our ERP system emerged and is a gap bridging tool between the physical separation and Educational continuity.

SMS Gateway Integration: Instant Communication and Updates

Communication plays a very important role in everyone's life. It helps us to connect, share information and what not. Effective communication is essential for smooth operations too, our SMS gateway integration allows the ERP system to send instant notifications, alerts, and updates to parents, students, and staff members. Whether it's about exam schedules, important announcements, or fee reminders, SMS notifications ensure that everyone stays informed and engaged.

Payment Gateway Integration: Financial Transparency

Remember the old days where parents used to stand in long queues to pay their children's fee? But now the payment gateway integration in our ERP completely changed the scenario. Every finance related transaction requires accuracy and transparency, our payment gateway integration allows parents to make secure payments for tuition, fees and other expenses through online, this simplifies the financial record keeping and reduces the administrative workload. Each integration serves a specific purpose and together they elevate the ERP experience, from best security to proper communication, real-time notifications and organized financial processes, these integrations represent the future of ERP systems. With these features bound to ERP, educational institutions can optimize their resource allocations. It's always been our motive to ensure that all educational systems are well equipped with the necessary tools which drive them towards success and growth.

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