YOSKOOL is A great School and College Management solution to all schools, colleges and any other academic institutes where these business entities to manage their operations over digital platform on Real-time. YOSKOOL functioning is avoiding the gap between the management, administrators, teachers and students/Parents and providing all modules services under single umbrella.

Process: We understand that you are the masters of process, we just simplify the whole process through automation using the best in class industry tools through meticulous research by our dedicated team in creating a state of the art ERP that stands the test of time.

Service: Any product is as good as its service, our quick response team are hands on with the right expertise to resolve issues with round the clock support system for seamless operations which saves time and resources.

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Why Yoskool?

We are here for a very simple reason – to be the differentiator in redefining how schools are managed in the present and how to protect you in the future from the onslaught of technical advancements which is inevitable. A simple next gen fully automated ERP that can withstand future uncertainties with simple up gradations as an when required.

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“Copper gives us the ease to have people hop in where they need to, to get to a customer resolution really quickly.”

Marsh Angela Costa CEO, Trello