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Effective management is rooted in respecting the diversity and uniqueness of each individual.

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Yoskool is the Best School and College ERP Software revolutionizing Educational Management Systems.

Yoskool has many features that help streamline administration tasks and make them easier. Yoskool smoothly combines various modules like student data (from admission to graduation), fee management, and hostel stock management.

With a dedication to continual improvements, Yoskool has received appreciation for its 'Free of cost customization feature', user-friendly interface and other unique features. Automating and Optimizing the administrative processes Yoskool empowers educational institutions to concentrate on giving a high-quality education while encouraging holistic improvement.

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Key Features

Management is not just about managing tasks, it's about enabling potential

Uncover the potential of Yoskool and enter a new way of managing administration

YoSkool ERP has an array of capabilities to offer our clients, which enhance productivity and eases operations.

  • Student Management:Yoskool provides a complete database of student data, allowing administrators to easily control admissions, attendance records, academic progress, and many more.
  • Fee Receipts: No need to comb through papers or a long back-and-forth. Yoskool's inbuilt feature allows you to handle fees and easily. Monitoring your financial matters includes fees collection, expenses monitoring and financial reports to ensure transparency and accountability regarding financial issues.
  • Smart Attendance: The tracking of attendance, an essential element of managing classrooms, can be done easily with Yoskool's teacher's module for teachers. Teachers can mark attendance online without the need to use manually-filled attendance records. It not only helps save time, but it also eases the administrative burden for teachers.
  • Online Payment: Yoskool online payment feature does not just simplify the financial transaction process, but it also changes how educational institutions manage finances and payments.
  • Teacher Attendance: This feature efficiently manages teacher leaves, ensuring undisturbed workflow in your educational institution.
  • Teacher Payroll: The role of teachers is important in shaping the future, and they deserve to be recognized by having a well-organized pay system. Through the use of technology, Yoskool eliminates the complexities of payroll management.
  • Exams Management: The preparation for exams demands the right preparation. Yoskool software provides students and parents access to the exam schedule, ensuring they're prepared for the upcoming exams.
  • Biometric Integration: Educational institutions must create security and safety for staff members, students and guests. Biometric integration takes security to a new level, ensuring only authorized people to access the facility.
  • SMS management: Yoskool SMS management feature helps parents, keeping them updated about upcoming events or schedule changes. Yoskool SMS management makes sure you get all the important updates.
Student Management
Fee & Receipts Management
Smart Attendance
Online Payment
Teacher Attendance
Teacher Payroll
Exams Management
Bio metric integration
SMS Management

Our Modules

Effective management is about enabling a diverse group to harmonize and achieve a common goal

  • Parent App
  • Management App
  • Student App
  • Teacher App

Parent App

Elevate engagement and simplify communication with real time updates

YoSkool’s parent app provides effortless communication between parents and the school, offering real-time updates regarding attendance, announcements, and grades. In an attempt to enhance parent-school partnership, the YoSkool app streamlines administrative tasks like fee payments and events as well.

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Management App

Organise enrollment, communications, schedules and analyze data with ease

Yoskool management app effortlessly organizes vital administrative data, including enrollment of students, scheduling, parent/teacher communication, informed decision-making, and efficient data analysis, making school administrative tasks more manageable.

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Student App

Delivering direct access to assignments, grades, schedules & more

Our student app offers centralized access to students data like assignments, class schedules, and grades, to name a few, which help in direct communication with parents, teachers, and administration, facilitating collaborative learning.

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Teacher App

Simplified classroom management, lesson planning, attendance tracking, grades entry & communication

We believe in empowering educators with YoSkool’s teacher app, helping them improve the management of classroom activities efficiently, such as lesson planning, grade entry, attendance tracking, and communication with parents and students.

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Why Yoskool

In the symphony of management, every instrument has its role, and diversity makes the music richer.

Yoskool is a Trusted Companion

What makes Yoskool different is its commitment to constant improvement and responsiveness with a user-friendly interface that ensures administrators, teachers, students, and parents can effortlessly navigate the software. Yoskool combines innovation, efficiency, and convenience to create a wide solution that empowers institutions, teachers, students, parents and schools. Yoskool's commitment to excellence is what made us the most Trusted Companion.

Scope for individual customization

Yoskool offers you that personal customization, no need to spend to add an extra module of your choice, you can have your own ERP software with all the customization you require, and it is liked by many of our clients.

Many of the clients need better customer support.

You can vouch for us, we are always a step ahead in serving our clients. Whether online or one-on-one support & we make sure that our clients get the required amount of backup when required.

Data Security

Yoskool provides advanced encryption and individual role-based access control ensuring safety of sensitive information and promoting privacy

Data Tracking

Audit interactions and moniter real-time data with Yoskool’s comprehensive data providing accountability and transparency

Old Data Migration

Experience effortless transfer of old data to Yoskool ERP, maintaining records and their continuity

Free of cost Customization

Customize Yoskool ERP according to your needs, enhancing adaptability & efficiency, all free of cost

Robot Education

With Yoskool ERP incorporate innovative technology into learning, robot assisted education improving engagement

Bio metric integration

Enhance security and efficiency in school/college premises with Biometric integration strengthening security, providing accurate identification and management access


Ensure timely remunerations automating calculations with Yoskool’s efficient payroll management significantly reducing administrative burdens

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